Hi, I’m Alex Grant, software engineer with experience contributing, consulting, and teaching in the realm of the web. I’ve enjoyed crafting code in Ruby since 2010, Ember.js since 2014, and Elixir since 2017.

This page describes paid positions only – personal projects and open-source work have their own page.

Wistia 2017–2018

elixir, phoenix, postgres, docker, ffmpeg

Worked with a small team on architecture and feature development for a new product through its launch and commercialization. Organized internal engineering events including “tech talks” and a CTF-style timed code challenge. Managed the Incident Response working group and faciliated postmortems for production incidents. Participated in a task force to define the company’s Diversity and Inclusion goals.

Vermonster 2015–2016

rails, rspec, jsonapi, ember, es6+, postgres, redis, heroku, s3

Gathered requirements and built web applications for Autodesk, RBM Technologies, and other clients. Designed the company’s first formal developer interview process. Led development and documentation on an in-house product, SchoolBot.

General Assembly 2014

ruby, sinatra, rails, rspec, jquery, es5, scss, postgres, heroku

Taught and created materials for the Web Development Immersive course, a 12-week full-time program that prepares adults for a new career as a full-stack web developer.

Careport Health 2013

rails, rspec, jquery, haml, scss, bootstrap, mysql

Worked with a small team at an early-stage startup, on a web app that helps hospital case managers find post-hospital care providers for their patients.

apprentice.io Fall 2012

rails, rspec, jquery, json, postgres, git, heroku

Learned test-driven Ruby on Rails development, shipped features in FDN and CoachUp, contributed to several open-source projects, and wrote some posts for thoughtbot’s Giant Robots blog.

Rochester Institute of Technology 2007–2011

Achieved a B.S. in Information Technology with Highest Honors, concentrated in Web Development and System Administration. Member and sometime sysadmin of Computer Science House.